Pharma Logistics IQ- Introduction Pack

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For the last four years, Cold Chain IQ has acted as an international resource center for temperature control life science professionals, delivering insightful, unbiased information about the latest ‘hot topics’. The portal focused on all areas of temperature controlled logistics, distribution and quality in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. While maintaining one of the largest cool chain pharmaceutical international databases the IQ has offered strategic partners, members and contributors an unparalleled opportunity to network, share ideas and disseminate best practice information across the globe with peers within a collection of online events and webinars.

Now, the makers of Cold Chain IQ and Pharma IQ bring you Pharma Logistics IQ, dedicated to end- to-end excellence. The new portal will continue the work of Cold Chain IQ remaining devoted to the temperature controlled logistics sectors and its temperature controlled logistics memberbase but also looking to extend its reach to neighboring areas of pharma logistics including, clinical supply, supply chain security, regulations and more. 

Essentially Pharma Logistics IQ works to assist the industry in optimizing the path from lab to patient via world-class resources and networking opportunities. This e-book provides an overview of the topics to expect to feature within the scope of Pharma Logistics IQ.

Contents- Pharma Logistics IQ

  • Clinical Supply 
  • Temperature Controlled Logistics  
  • Supply Chain 
  • Supply Chain Security – Track & Trace
  • Regulations 
  • Packaging & Labelling 

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