Working Group Reveals More On Sea-Freight Program Going Live In 6 Days

Alan k
Posted: 01/26/2018

Poseidon, a global and fully integrated Pharma Ocean Freight program, is being rolled out at the 17th IQPC Temperature Controlled Logistics Conference in London on 1st February 2018.

Poseidon is a sea-freight model predicated around an intimate interconnection of the entire pharma-logistics supply chain in order to better ensure the safe and secure transportation of health-giving and life-saving pharmaceutical products.

"Poseidon has been conceived to address long-standing quality, safety and service issues associated with the long-haul transportation of pharmaceutical products”, says collaboration specialist Alan Kennedy who has been closely involved in program development. “It is out to challenge some of the ingrained beliefs and out-moded practices that plague the current pharma-freight paradigm.”

‘Disastrous’ Logistics Losses 

According to a recent estimate the pharma business “loses upwards of $35bn per annum” solely as a result of temperature excursions and "30% of scrapped pharmaceutical can be attributed to logistics issues alone".*

For any business these losses would be unacceptable, but for the quality-conscious and safety-driven pharma sector they are nothing short of disastrous.

It is a scale of detriment that Kennedy believes will escalate as the trend towards biologic medicines gains momentum. "Despite intensifying regulatory interventions and the appearance of industry-led GDP initiatives, pharma-freight quality issues, such as the incidence of dangerous temperature excursions, are not receding,” he stresses.

“With the pharma industry looking to reduce costs whilst meeting growing regulatory pressures and safety concerns, a new approach to product transportation is essential." 

Kennedy further maintains that the counter-productive dichotomy between the pharma and logistics sectors needs to be addressed resolutely if the sector is not going to succumb to the growing threat of external disruption. "Persistent poor quality and sub-standard performance issues continue to dog the long-haul transportation of pharmaceutical products", he explains.

"Despite the huge attention being paid to upgrading the pharma-logistics process, most of the current 'improvement' initiatives in the pharma-logistics space are piecemeal and merely papering over the cracks. The Poseidon model provides a structured platform on which the industry can work in concert to disrupt itself before it is abruptly and adversely disrupted by uncontrollable external forces." 

Download the whitepaper for the full details on the components of the initiative

Alan k
Posted: 01/26/2018
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