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3 - 5 September 2019| Online | Free-to-Attend

Pharma and biopharma counterfeiting is a highly lucrative market for criminal networks, estimated to be worth over $200 billion in annual sales. As these criminals chase high profits, they are becoming quicker and more effective at subverting supply chain security. With the issue growing in both developing and western markets and patient safety on the line, the pharmaceutical industry needs to be at the forefront of anti-counterfeiting measures.

In this online summit, we aim to cover the most pressing issues facing the industry, sharing practical guidance and insight into successful strategies to secure your product and protect your patients.

Expect expert guidance on:

    • Leveraging your serialization data to generate new insights
    • Connecting your supply chain to spot weak links
    • Preparing for global regulatory changes
    • Protecting products across complex markets
    • Testing the effectiveness of anti-counterfeiting tech
    • The growing issue of sub-standard and falsified medicines

Day 1 - 3rd September

Session 1: 2pm - 2:45pm (BST)
Why you need an interconnected supply chain strategy to combat anti-counterfeiting

With the threat of counterfeiting growing, it is crucial to have an effective risk mapping strategy and crisis response plan in place. In this session, we show you how to increase end to end visibility across the supply chain to find the weak points and respond to incidents quickly and effectively.

Session2: 3pm - 3:45pm (BST)
3 Months Out: Are you ready for Russia’s 2020 serialization requirements?

In January 2020, the next wave of serialization requirements will come into force with Russia’s new regulation. This brings about new technicalities and complications, such as the cryptographic key in the 2D Data Matrix. In this session, we share how you can prepare for these changes and what efforts are needed to adapt to upcoming global regulatory changes.

Session 3: 4pm - 4:45pm (BST)
[Case Study] The pilot projects that can help you drive return from your serialization investment

With serialization programs in place across many companies, attention is being given to value generation projects. In this session, we share pilot projects currently in place to leverage serialized data. From issue trend tracking, to returns management, recall execution and increased oversight into warehouse operations.

Day 2 - 4th September

Session 1: 2pm - 2:45pm 
How the biopharma industry is aligning their supply chain for security success

Effective serialization requires collaboration and co-ordination across the supply chain. In this session, we bring a panel together to share how they have aligned their team structures, set KPIs and critical success factors and up-skilled their employees to ensure secure supply.

Session2: 3pm - 3:45pm (BST)
FMCG: What can Pharma learn from 20 years of experience battling illicit trade?

Illicit trade has been a pressing issue for many industries for decades. In this session, we bring in experts from fast moving consumer goods to share the advancement they have made to track, trace and halt counterfeit goods.

Day 3 - 5th September

Session 1: 2pm - 2:45pm (BST)
What’s new & what’s next? The anti-counterfeiting tech you need to know about

There is no silver bullet or single solution to the anti-counterfeiting dilemma. But new technology is emerging that could have a substantial impact on supply chain security. In this session, we weigh up the latest tech and discuss how to understand what will be most effective for your efforts.

Session 2: 3pm - 3:45pm (BST)
Beyond counterfeiting: How to address substandard and falsified medicines in your supply chain

Securing patient safety requires us to think beyond the term counterfeit. In this webinar, we share strategies to help you address substandard and falsified medicines in your supply chain. With exclusive insight on how the industry is combating this growing challenge.

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