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Posted: 01/22/2013

Climate box 2-8 dgrC which keeps automatically the surrounding in which the box is placed, on 15-25dgrC.

The Veba PharmaBox is active cooled and warmed and on the same time the surrounding of the box is cooled and warmed by a -built in the same box- heat/cool pump, on a temperature of 15 to 25 dgrC.
Veba produces a whole scala active cooled and warmed boxes, from 10 litre up to 10.000 litre, 12/24V or autonomic with built in battery.

PharmaBox multi-temperature without vehicle refitting

Veba MediTemp develops solutions for Pharma transport. Currently, production is prepared for a newly developed box that both regulate the 2-8 deg. C and the ambient15-25 deg. C part in order, without requiring rigorous modifications to the vehicle. In addition to developing and producing actively cooled boxes, Veba has available a newly constructed climate chamber that complete vehicles can be driven into and validated in accordance with the new GDP directive. This way, Veba wants to create a kind of one-stop shopping for the entire pharmaceutical logistics sector.

The PharmaBox

The inside of the PharmaBox is acclimatised at 2-8 deg. C and can both cool and heat. The special thing about the box is that a second, heavy-duty cooling/heating aggregate has been integrated in the box to keep the surrounding space (including the heat generated by the 1st cooling system) between 15 and 25 deg. C. The space the PharmaBox is placed into will therefore kept at 15-25 deg. C because of this. The system's power is sufficient to not need any sort of insulation for most vehicles. This keeps the vehicle in its original state and thus retains maximum resale value. In addition, this makes deployment of vehicles optimally flexible. The size of the PharmaBox is to the client's specifications, the principle of double cooling/heating remains the same in all cases.

Climate chamber for GDP validation

Veba has aimed high when developing the PharmaBox. In December 2012, a start was made with the construction of a climate chamber fully outfitted with all measurement instruments in which the tests of vehicles under all European temperatures can be performed. Primarily, the climate chamber will be used for the testing of vehicles fitted with a PharmaBox. Veba will also make the chamber available to customers and third parties who would like to perform tests on traditionally cooled vehicles or vehicles that are e.g. fitted with polystyrene boxes. The chamber will, however, not be commercially exploited by Veba. The purpose of this is to stay in touch with customers and third parties, to advise them and to help them. Through this, Veba wants to offer complete one-stop solutions to customers and eventually be able to a supply a GDP declaration of conformity along with the PharmaBox placed in a certain vehicle.


The 15-25 deg. C cooling and heating aggregate as fitted in the PharmaBox can also be supplied as a separate module. This is useful for those who, for whatever reason, do not need a 2-8 deg. C part. The module can simply be suspended to the separator and the cargo space can be acclimatised to 15-25 deg. C without the need to insulate the vehicle. This also prevents the need to install rooftop AC units or to make other modifications to the vehicle. Once again, the vehicle will remain in its original state in this case, and therefore retains its maximum resale value.

Range VebaBoxen

Veba develops and supplies actively cooled and heated boxes in the range of 7 litres to 10,000 litres. All boxes are fitted with integrated 12V/24V heating and cooling engines, and can therefore be easily transferred to a different vehicle. This to guarantee maximum flexibility and maximum resale value of the vehicle.

For more information please contact mister P. van den Hoogen.

T 0413-269300

Cold Chain IQ News
Posted: 01/22/2013

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