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Posted: 01/26/2015

SkyCell launches a second container size – 1500C, for high-value 2-8°C shipments, at IQPC Cool Chain Europe 2015, Frankfurt Germany

On the heels of strong customer demand and close to 10,000 hours of development work, this week Skycell will be introducing its latest product at IQPC Cool Chain Europe 2015 – the SkyCell 1500C, a container developed specifically for the pharma industry’s need for high-value/high-volume shipments. It boasts 1500L or 1 US pallet payload and complements SkyCell 770C, with 770L payload, which is ideal for high-value, low-volume shipments.

SkyCell’s containers have been specially developed for door-to-door shipments to emerging markets, with a special focus on LATAM, the Middle East and Asia. They are always supplied ready to use and rented one-way all over the world.

The 1500C and 770C are based on the same award-winning technology with identical performance, but now they come in two sizes. They protect products from long exposure to extreme heat and cold, which could range from 65°C on the tarmac in Dubai to -35°C in Alaska.

SkyCell combines its proprietary cell-based insulation technology with fail-safe phase change cooling technology, which recharges the container when it is in an environment colder than 5°C. It enables the container to be stored at 5°C for an infinite amount of time, for example when awaiting customs clearance in Sao Paulo, Brazil or Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. SkyCell’s longest shipment to date has been 31 days – enabled by the auto-recharging capability in an ambient temperature of 5°C.

With its SkyCell Transport Planner (, SkyCell offers an online tool to simulate the trip and to take advantage of the auto-recharge technology. This aids the risk-based decision-making and lane validation processes. Try it out for yourself and see the effect on your supply chain.

Super-lightweight – SkyCell sets the standard not just in performance, but also in weight. The container boasts 1.5m3 of usable internal volume (3.23m3 external volume) with a weight of less than 500 kg. This makes it more than 20% lighter than active solutions – saving CO2 and costs. A two-layer door closing system has been developed for fast and safe loading.

SkyCell is launching a new website, and corporate design and slogan "Pharma Containers. Worldwide." to commemorate this major product launch.

o Please visit us on Stand 30 at IQPC Coolchain 2015, Frankfurt


SkyCell AG, Technoparkstrasse 1, CH-8005 Zurich

Media contact: Bernhard C. Baertschi, Head of Sales

Phone: +41 44 533 2301 / +41 44 79 440 9807

Cold Chain IQ News
Posted: 01/26/2015

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