United Cargo Transporting va-Q-tec Containers Latest Enhancement to Leading TempControl Service

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Posted: 10/15/2013

United Cargo is accepting the va-Q-tainer container line for transport on its fleet of more than 150 widebody aircraft. The va-Q-tec containers provide customers leading-edge passive capabilities across United’s unrivaled global network.

The va-Q-tec containers’ high-performance thermal system utilizes vacuum insulation panels to protect internal contents from extreme ambient temperatures. These containers offer a low-complexity option suitable for the transport of temperature-sensitive goods. The va-Q-tec containers areparticularly suitable for pharmaceutical and biotechnological material.

United Cargo customers may choose from three sizes of va-Q-tainers: USx, EU and XL. XL and EU containers have been qualified to more than 96 hours of performance; the USx has been qualified to more than 120 hours of performance at extreme summer and winter temperatures.

"Our acceptance of the va-Q-tainer container line is just one of the enhancements we have delivered to customers of our TempControl service this year," said Tony Randgaard, Manager, United Cargo Marketing. "We have expanded our service for temperature-sensitive shipments to a number of new U.S. and international cities, increasing the number of locations in our TempControl network to 41. We have also increased the number of cargo tracking and monitoring devices we accept to 10.

"These advanced options, combined with our customized Standard Operating Procedures, minimized tarmac time and specially-trained staff, provide the quality and the features demanded by shippers of these very special commodities."

Customers who rent or lease va-Q-tainers may globally track their product on unitedcargo.com. Additionally, internal/external temperature data and shipment monitoring data may be downloaded after transport from the "data-loggers" installed on each unit. These enhanced tracking options are available to the rental or leasing customer from va-Q-tec. Customers may coordinate rental or leasing arrangements with va-Q-tec directly by contacting Andrew.heholt@va-Q-tec.com.

For additional information, customers may visit http://www.va-q-tec.com or contact their United Cargo Sales professional.

Cold Chain IQ News
Posted: 10/15/2013

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