Huo Peiqiong, Head of Supply Chain, Guangdong Zhongjian Medicine Company: 60 Second Interview

Huo Peiqiong
Contributor: Huo Peiqiong
Posted: 10/28/2012

The nature and the high value of the bio/pharmaceutical temperature controlled supply chain makes managing this a very challenging and expensive process in China. Huo Peiqiong, Head of Supply Chain and Quality at Guangdong Zhongjian Medicine Company, joined Cold Chain IQ for a 60 second interview, ahead of the 4th Annual Bio/pharmaceutical Cold Chain China to discuss trends in cold chain logistics.

Cold Chain IQ: How important is ensuring a quality of temperature controlled pharma supply?

H Peiqiong: I think that’s important for us because about 70% of the drugs in our business lines are cold chain products. So quality control is very important because we are the importer and the distribution range of my company is the whole of China.

Cold Chain IQ: What is the largest trend that you are seeing with respect to cold chain logistics in your region? What do you think is the biggest trend in cold chain logistics?

H Peiqiong: I think the biggest trend we are seeing is that most technology is related to packaging in the cold chain.

Some packaging in cold chain logistics can keep products for 70 hours, but others for just 2-3 hours. Packaging is a top priority for me because China is so big and there are such extremes in temperature from North to South. How to use packaging correctly and training staff is important too.

Cold Chain IQ: What are the top three risks to temperature controlled supply in China?

H Peiqiong: The first one is the weather, the second one is transport and the third one is the training of the staff. In our company staff are trained step by step, however, in hospitals or dispatch companies the majority of staff are not adequately trained in how to distribute temperature-sensitive products.

Cold Chain IQ: What steps are you taking to overcome these risks?

H Peiqiong:

  1. Choosing the best packaging
  2. Training staff
  3. Auditing

Cold Chain IQ: What other industries can the pharma supply chain learn from?

H Peiqiong: I think our company, could learn from the food industry. In China many people want to eat fresh food and this industry is very good at ensuring the temperature control supply chain.

Cold Chain IQ: In 2013 what are your cold chain logistics goals?

H Peiqiong: Our aim is to improve employees and training, establish seamless cold chain links and build up high quality temperature controlled routes.

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Huo Peiqiong
Contributor: Huo Peiqiong
Posted: 10/28/2012


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