New ColdMark2 Indicator Lowers Temperature Threshold to 0°C

Cold Chain IQ News
Posted: 05/21/2014

ShockWatch just introduced a new version of the ColdMark2 that activates at a temperature threshold of 0°C. With this new, lower emperature indicator, you’ll know conclusively whether your products were exposed to freezing, potentially damaging, temperatures. By understanding the actual conditions products experience, you gain the insights you need to ensure maximum shelf life for your products and to identify and correct issues before they escalate into expensive problems.

While many products must be maintained between 2° and 8°C, another wide range of products that must be refrigerated, cannot be allowed to freeze. The ColdMark2 is designed for those products. They include medical products like certain reagents, vaccines or biologics, foods such as fresh produce; and even flowers like peonies and gardenias.

When you’re ready to ship, just affix the ColdMark2 to the packageand press a button to arm the indicator. It’s that simple. If temperatures dip to 0°C for up to an hour, the indicator turns red, making it easy to spot items that may have been damaged by freezing.

Because ColdMark2 indicators are armed only when they are about to be used, these single-use indicators can be shipped even during the dead of winter without special packaging. Once armed, they remain active for six months in near-freezing temperatures and about one week at 8° to 22°C. Each indicator also has a unique identifier to support tracking and anti-tampering.

To learn more about ColdMark2 and our full line of temperature monitoring solutions, contact ShockWatch.

Cold Chain IQ News
Posted: 05/21/2014

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