Sponsoring Content on Cold Chain IQ

Cold Chain IQ

As soon as a company or individual signs up for an online campaign with Cold Chain IQ, our team of dedicated editors and marketers work to ensure as many people in your target group access your content in the agreed time period. Our membership is comprised of 56% Presidents, Directors, CEOs and Managers, so you can be sure that the leads we provide you with will be of the desired calibre.

Our editors will work with you on your content, advising of the hot topics in your focus area, liaising with webinar speakers, and ensuring the content producedc will appeal to your target audience. All webinars are arranged and recorded by us to excellent audio and visual standards. Once edited and approved by you, we will then host the webinar or whitepaper on our site behind a registration form which will collect the information you require from those who want to access your content.

Our usual marketing campaigns run for either 6 or 8 weeks depending on the type of content and the particular needs of our customers. For a whitepaper or pre-recorded webinar this will start as soon as we have loaded the content onto our site. For live webinars this usually begins 4 weeks before the recoding date and carries on two weeks afterwards where people can then get on demand access to the webinar.

Once your content is live on our site, we will begin our tailored marketing plan where your webinar or whitepaper will be:

  • Assigned to a dedicated marketing and editorial team to create a personalised marketing plan
  • Promoted prominently on pharma-iq.com in our featured content section and customised banners
  • Included in at least 4 newsletters sent to our 25,000 temperature control logistics and quality stakeholders in copy and banners
  • Posted on Twitter and LinkedIn to our 6,000 followers
  • Included in a direct email sent to all relevant data in our prospect database
  • Included with your logo on our homepage rolling banner

For more information or to request a count of names we have in your target area please call +44 (0)20 7368 9866, email sponsorship@pharma-iq.com or download our media pack