NASA Chooses American Aerogel Insulated Solution for Temperature-Sensitive Cargo

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Posted: 11/30/2014

Aerocore® VIPs are the preferred insulation choice for critically valuable samples

ROCHESTER, NY December 1, 2014 — After evaluating insulated container options, NASA chose Aerocore VIP (vacuum insulated panels) solutions from American Aerogel for their scientific missions.

Regarding the resupply missions to the International Space Station (ISS), NASA has stated the missions "carry the promise of discoveries that benefit Earth" (from NASA press release March 3, 2013). Beginning in January 2014, Aerocore VIPs were included on these missions to protect the precious scientific cargo that will contribute to these important discoveries.

"It was after rigorous testing of currently available insulated shipping containers that the American Aerogel product was selected. Only Aerocore products could meet the tight tolerances for construction and performance that are required for spaceflight equipment", stated Jeff Sullivan, director of product development, American Aerogel.
The first of the cargo missions with Aerocore VIPs on board was the Orbital 1 launch in January 2014, followed by other successful Orbital and SpaceX launches since then. Missions will continue blasting Aerocore VIPs into space through 2016.
American Aerogel offers a full line of insulated shippers called AeroSafe, for the transport of any temperature-sensitive material. All AeroSafe shippers are designed using the same insulation chosen by NASA and provide best-in-class payload protection.

About American Aerogel

American Aerogel provides life science companies with high quality insulated shipping packages for the protection of temperature-sensitive payloads. The AeroSafe product line - with proprietary insulation - allows customers to ship larger payloads, with less coolant, in smaller containers, and over a longer period of time. Whether you are shipping payloads or moving them via local transport, AeroSafe engineered packaging will protect your payload from harsh ambient temperatures.

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Cold Chain IQ News
Posted: 11/30/2014

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