Cold Chain & Temperature Management Conference

Sumit Dutta

The Only Event for Canadian Cold Chain & Temperature Controlled Life Sciences

As the supply chain continues to increase in importance, the Canadian market is facing costly challenges, hence Cold Chain IQ presents to you 11th Cold Chain & Temperature Management Summit, February 25-28 2013 in downtown Toronto which will address new concerns and offer enhanced coverage on core topics :

Top Reasons to attend the event :

  • Develop robust and secure cold chain risk management process in Canada
  • Learn from cost-effective case studies & implement quality based clinical supply chains
  • Meet & learn from 30+ exhibitors on how to mitigate risk in qualifying active temperature controlled systems
  • Formulate solutions for a quality distribution & management of temperature controlled medicines in Canada
  • Network and share best practices with 250+ industry colleagues and supply chain stakeholders

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What past attendees have been saying about this event :

  • "One of the best conferences I have attended" - QA Associate Director, Johnson & Johnson
  • "Good presentations with emphasis on real-life issues and work trends" - Quality Advisor, Janssen Pharmaceuticals NV
  • "An outstanding compilation of speakers and topics, helping our industry to stay on the cutting edge of technology and regulations" - Manager of Global Distribution, Biomereux
  • "An eye opener on several topics. I enjoyed both days and would recommend such an event to other colleagues. Also, networking was great" - PM of Quality Assurance Compliance, Abbott Laboratories

Expert Speakers Include :

  • Rafik H. Bishara, PhD, Technical Advisor and Leader, PCCIG USA Branch PDA
  • Maryann Gribbin, Director of Quality Assurance, Johnson & Johnson
  • Shamilla Gounder, Manager, Quality & Compliance, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc.
  • Robert Bronstein, Director, Clinical Supply Operations, MacroGenics
  • Annie Noìl, Logistics Director, Pharmaceutical Distribution and Operations, McKesson Canada

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Cold Chain & Temperature Management Resources Include:

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The BioPharma Supply Chain in Recessionary Times: Economy and Job Outlook

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2012 Report: Operating a Global Temperature Controlled Supply Chain

2012 Report: Operating a Global Temperature Controlled Supply Chain

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