Getting Ready to Take the Industry’s Temperature with the Cool Chain Logistics Europe Partner Advisory Board

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The Cool Chain Logistics Europe Partner Advisory Board announced today its aim is to facilitate open debate in the temperature control community and promote innovation, all with the ultimate goal of ensuring patient safety. The Advisory Board will provide guidance and expertise during the 12th Annual Cool Chain Logistics Europe event in Basel, Switzerland next month.

Cool Chain Logistics Europe is the region’s largest gathering of the temperature controlled logistics community with more than 400 professionals from 190 counties expected to attend the three-day conference. The board, comprised of five industry experts with in-depth knowledge and experience of temperature controlled logistics, was formed earlier this year.

The Cool Chain Logistics Europe Partner Advisory Board consists of industry thought leaders:

  • Henry Ames, Vice President Strategy and Business Development, Sensitech, USA
  • Peter Lockett, Director, Tc2 Global, United Kingdom
  • Martin Peter, Head of Sales, Elpro, Switzerland
  • Sascha Sonnenberg, Vice President, Commercial Operations, Marken, Germany
  • David Walsh, CEO, DGP Intelsius Ltd., United Kingdom

The goals of the board were established last month; "to identify and distribute knowledge in the area of temperature controlled logistics and that all event sessions are relevant, educational, interesting and suited to the immediate and future needs of the sector." In addition they intend to "facilitate an honest debate around the present and future needs of the temperature control community while promoting the understanding that everything we do is aimed at ensuring patient safety."

With the rapid growth of the biopharmaceutical industry, there is a strong need to ensure proper handling, storage and distribution of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products. The Advisory Board said they are looking forward tomeeting the wider community, catching up and maintaining friendships in the industry at the annual event and finding out about regulatory updates, the latest challenges and how others are overcoming them.

The status of the world economy continues to put cost pressures on the industry, but the Advisory Board is optimistic about addressing the technical challenges and questions around innovation and product development while producing sustainable and cost effective solutions for the community.

Cool Chain Logistics Europe is a key opportunity to "take the Industry’s temperature" the Advisory Board said. "Hopefully we will get a helicopter view of the life science’s industry temperature control mindset for 2013; their concerns, experiences, and successes."


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