Assessing Cost-Effective "Last Mile" Packaging Solutions that Ensure Patient Safety and Product Efficacy

Posted: 09/13/2011

Lisa Mazzoni, Project Lead, Temperature Controlled Supply Chain, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, assesses cost-effective "Last Mile" packaging solutions that ensure patient safety and product efficacy:

In this presentation

  • Identifying the needs of the product and the needs of the patient
  • Defining a solution: Finding a portable, small, 2-8C ‘user-friendly’ packaging solution
  • A global solution that may easily be implemented by affiliates and their pharmacy partners
  • Understanding the qualification process
  • Completing the cold chain process by ensuring temperature control in the very last mile - from pharmacy to patient

This interview was filmed at IQPC's 10th Annual Cool Chain Europe 2011.

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