Global Supply Chain & Logistics: Exploring Partner Provider Collaboration for a One-Stop Source Solution

Posted: 03/11/2013

In this presentation Jim Bacon, Senior Director, Global Demand Planning & Customer Operations, Grifols, explores partner provider collaboration.

Imagine if a number of providers collectively created a cold chain offering. Think of it as a Cold Chain Exchange where you are offered a choice of solutions or options based on your own criteria that provides the best fit for your business need, risk tolerance, and budget.

• A carrier or freight forwarder brings together a number of solution providers
• Using existing accepted standards creates an offering that provides / addresses; Qualified Active Cooling, Validated Passive Cooling, Temperature monitoring, End to end process and hand-offs
• Establish set of solutions for ready use
• The customer is able to access these providers through the carrier / freight forwarder to; Determine best solution and establish Process

This presentation was filmed last year at the 10th Annual Cold Chain and Temperature Management Global Forum.

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