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Posted: 05/11/2017

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Essentra stands as a leading global provider of essential healthcare packaging, authentication solutions and support services to a diversified blue-chip customer base throughout the world.

The business focuses on delivering value-adding innovation, quality and service through the provision of a wide range of cartons, tapes, leaflets, foils, labels and brand protection security solutions. It offers end-to-end solutions. From a dedicated studio design team that can originate initial pack concepts and graphics, the production capability encompasses a wide variety of carton, label, leaflet and literature formats and printed primary packaging that can include authentication, serialisation and tamper evidence in any combination.

Customers in over 100 countries are served from facilities in thirteen countries, with development and design centres supporting the division worldwide. Working in partnership with both customers and strategic suppliers, we are committed to innovation and meeting the rapidly changing requirements of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector with a highly flexible, responsive and competitive approach.

The world of counterfeiting: How are different countries responding to address the threat of counterfeiting?

The World Health Organisation estimates that up to 15% of all pharmaceutical drugs globally are counterfeited. While this translates to around 1% of drugs in Europe and the USA, this issue is particularly severe in the developing world. As the supply chains for pharmaceuticals are now global and increasingly complex, the opportunity for illegal activity will continue to grow. This must be countered with a focus on monitoring and maintaining the integrity of the supply chain by paying more attention to detail and having proper protocols in place.

Explore our infographic to discover how different countries are responding to address the threat of counterfeiting

anti counterfeiting map2

Discover the world of patient adherence through our infographic. We provide a critical overview of issues surrounding patient adherence, from highlighting the gravity of the current situation through to exploring the major barriers to patient adherence and what can be done to improve it.


In this Pharma Logistics IQ resource centre you will find Essentra's guidebooks on HealthcareTamper Verification and Security & Verification as well as their Design Hub.

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Posted: 05/11/2017

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